Mark Inc. is the leading luxury carpet wholesaler in the industry, providing superior quality, beautiful patterns, custom color capabilities, and incomparable client service to interior design professionals around the world.

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Our Collections

Hand Knotted
78 Confetti; Clay, Dusk106 Grid; Lago4 Organic; Blue461 Diagonal; Timber
316 Balboa; Steam, Verde, Topaz, Gold
230 Mystique; Steam332 MIH005; Hemp Natural309 La Vedetta; Royal Red263 Mantra; Glacier Blue

Made in Kathmandu using a variety of fibers including silk, wool, jute, hemp, mohair, bamboo, and soybean. These beautiful carpets are woven by hand on vertical looms.

Narrow Wiltons
105 Mallory Court; 050 Black119 Tara; Limelight112 Caledonian; Beach Plum129 Broadmoor; Custom Blues
157 Porto Roca; Endive
98 Verona; Rootbeer Candy148 Broadmoor; Rouge95 Mirama; Dark Pimento121 Vivienne; Lemon Drop

Woven on narrow width looms in West Yorkshire, England, these carpets are made with 100% worsted wool on a cotton backing, allowing for finer detail.

545 Villa Franca; Positano510 126 Druggets; SB 140, AH11, AC10, AA12519 Tri Box; Blues, Creams524 Stripes; Shadow
549 Lampedusa; La Coastiera
88 Sumex; Bonfire551 Lampedusa; Cacao544 Linear Lines; August Plum506 126 Druggets; AH11, AC10, AA12

Our woven and flat weaves are made in Nepal and India.

Custom and Bespoke

Mark Inc is known as the premier source for customization. Our process is similar to that of an atelier, and we work closely with designers from ideation to completion to create a product that is precisely as they have envisioned it to be.
Whether you choose one of our patterns and custom color it, or you choose a pattern and alter the scale and perhaps add something to it, or you design an entirely new pattern altogether, each step of the process is carried out with meticulous attention to detail.
We work with designers all over the country on detail customizations and have been doing so with pleasure for decades. From sending yarn options to the creation of multiple strike-offs, we strive to make the process as seamless as possible.

Our Story

A Desire for Elegance and Excellence
Mark Inc. produces luxurious, handcrafted carpets of various fibers and weaves. These products are sold exclusively to the trade and meet the high standards of the world’s leading interior designers, architects, and their discerning clients.
Every carpet that we design and produce is made to order. The size, colors, pattern, and fibers of its design are carefully communicated to the mill.